Re: Containment Breach Unity Edition (2017) - Latest Build: 0.5a (6/3/17)

Just want to mention some minor suggestions.

The new 106 model + animations is just awesome, cant wait till its completely finished and leaves black ooze behind. I'd suggest to slow down most of his animations (walking speed) but mostly his spawn animation. It doesnt need to be as slow as in scp:cb but he is too quick right now for an old man :P

This is sth i read somewhere (i guess trello). You want doors to push 173 away if it blocks them. I'd suggest that the door wont close at all because 173 seems rather heavy. If possible, it would be really cool if the door tries to close, but then returns because of an object blocking the path.

In case you missed it, JelLegendz made a livestream where he played through all of the current scp games (scp:cb original, unity, UE). He made a poll before and after the playthroughs and your game just went from the second place to an even result with the original game, which is incredible considering the unfinished state of the game. People see the high potential and professional work of your game. I really like where this is going and hope for even more patrons to support your project, because you deserve it!