Spiral Gestalt & The Larger Game theory thread

Returning to this forum after ~8 months, I've noticed all this cool new 1.3 stuff. The main purpose of this thread is to congregate all information about two things:

1. D-9341/Benjamin Oliver ___ker's past
2. What exactly is the Spiral Gestalt?

I'll start with some rudimentary subjects.

First off, on the main menu, the occasional text flashes we know and love have gained two new lines:

"The spiral is growing"
"Some kind of gestalt effect due to massive reality damage"

The first line is talking about spirals, which has been a recurring theme in Containment Breach since v0.9, when the clearance levels document got blotches on it on the letters S, P, I, R, A, and L. Since then, there's also the strange document from SCP-970, which appears as follows:
This is very unnerving, but the words create a spiral.

The second line, however, is much more interesting.

"Some kind of gestalt effect due to massive reality damage"
The definition of Gestalt is "an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts."
Massive reality damage indicates something similar to ZK-Class scenario. But what I want to know is how damaging something turns it into a whole. Perhaps realities are colliding.

There's no way to know for sure. Let's move on.

For a short break, let's talk about D-9341's past. Not much is known, but I will transcribe what we know.
D-9341 was once known as Benjamin Oliver ____ker. We do not know what is in the blank space, but possibilities include Baker or Riker.
From his card and the disciplinary hearing, we can see that he was actually quite a high level in the foundation, being a Senior Researcher with Level 4 security clearance. This means he would have had access to all Euclid and Safe level SCPs at Site ||.

However, he appears to have been demoted to D-Class after doing unauthorized research on the Spiral Gestalt, which again refers back to part one of this post.

My current guess is that the Spiral Gestalt is some sort of spiral-shaped anomaly that was caused by significant damage to the SCP Foundation's reality/universe. What caused this damage or what it entails is still unknown.

However, this does mean that D-9341 is likely no more guilty of any crimes than a scientist at the Foundation(Which is to say, indirect murder of several D-Class personnel, most likely.)

Please, post any contradictions of mine or your own thoughts below. This is definitely the roots of a larger, more unique plotline than just a D-Class with the ability to save.

EDIT: Cridone has done testing and I believe in his theory that the torn off last name for D-9341 is Walker. This means his name is Benjamin (Oliver) Walker.
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Re: Spiral Gestalt & The Larger Game theory thread

Awesomeguy147 wrote:
CommanderMark wrote:The Spiral Gestalt symbolizes the spiral that the duck's nine-inch corsckrew penis undergoes.
​The corkscrew penis is only one half of a bizarre case of sexual co-evolution. The other half is a female's corkscrew vagina.
Let's consider SCP-294 for a second.

D-9341 will mention that he ate spinach soup that morning. This therefore confirms that he murdered someone then tried to feed them some spinach soup.

However, the victim never ate it (since it's a dead body) so he kept buying more and more until he spent all of the Foundation's budget on a lifetime supply of spinach soup. Thus they demoted him to classification D.

But before that, D-9341 tried flushing all the spinach soup down his toilet to hide the evidence from the Foundation. The spiral symbolizes the swirling of the water inside the toilet as it flushes.

Re: Spiral Gestalt & The Larger Game theory thread

After layering Emily's badge over D-9341's badge, I can confirm that his last name is 6 characters long and from what I can see the torn letter next to "ker" is either a d or l. After messing around in Gimp, I'm 99% sure his last name is Walker cause not only does it fit the burnt out letters, but it matches the position of where Emily Ross's last name is as well.

On another note, it's possible D-9341 is American cause the coin that comes from SCP-1162 is an American quarter dollar. This isn't really important to anything, but I wanted to note it.
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