SCP: Containment Breach

The point of game is conclused to kill SCP-682-A (which is reptile). Throughout the game we trying to activate flamepower system (by using power supply buttons in SCP locations), which is disposed in the object's chamber. Therefore, we can't kill him it until we dispose of SCP-682-B (which is little girl) his owner. It's possible with any type of the gun, that we find on the stages (at the SCP areas mostly), such as knives, carbines, rifles etc. Descently we can kill other SCP facilities too. Also there are other SCP concerned to SCP-682-A, such as SCP-682-C, who can kill you with his own mass by falling upon you from the ceil, SCP-682-D is a giant lizard that can kill you with his own eyes sight, and SCP-682-D is a human vampire who is attempted to suck out your life. At the end we have nothing left to do, except of to press on the button and escape from the complex.
SCP-294, SCP-914 and SCP-1162 (SCP-1958/SCP-1984/SCP-1992) doesn't need, should be invented SCP-547, (self-changing universal card).
SCP-882 and SCP-464 are consideing to the previos SCP, they had to be removed, as and other unnecessary furniture*.
SCP-249, SCP-519 and SCP-1269 are trash (doesn't need too).
SCP-228, SCP-282, SCP-318 and SCP-420, are passive-agressive monsters, that not kill you (participating in game, watching and learning ((selfstudying)AI)).
SCP-012 should be reworked as music box (jukebox).
SCP-042 (which is finally form of SCP-805 and SCP-1194) should be involved in game as a neutral mob, who can fling out you from the way.
SCP-512-B is a maintainer (valve), that's can't adjust, until you kill SCP-254 (soggy wiper) that's preject to open the valve (SCP-512-C), that's opens the door to escape the indirect (SCP-860-A) stage, and SCP-256-A, is a partically key (with SCP-047-ES, the box) to open door to the loft stage (attic) with the many of weapon.
SCP-372, SCP-359, SCP-547-D, and SCP-957 are potential monsters who can hide under personal staff.
SCP-305 is a neutral SCP beast, that touches you when you passing about him to infliate you with a virus.
SCP-963, SCP-748, SCP-738, SCP-732-J, SCP-579, SCP-531, SCP-318, SCP-302, SCP-273, SCP-206, SCP-182, and SCP-071(-078), - all are personal staff.
SCP-303 appears when you trying to push out box with the stooges (cat's paw) in the employment room to the fire, then you couldn't out from the extense until you give him wrench (cat's paw). He attains again (SCP-763) when you trying to estabilish the circuit system by injuring the wires (SCP-612) in maintainers room, and trying to catch you with his hooves and horns, until you left the disposal by breaking the glass partition in wall by (rub) hammer and left the exposal, then he reveals his final form (SCP-953) last time, when you trying to replenish the boil from den with gas in principal room, then you should kill him by enjuring with screwdriver, until he break your head, and leave the expose. (n. attended to SCP-173).
SCP-333 is a part of SCP-012; SCP-718 is an eye that cames out when you listening SCP-012 too long, and SCP-914-B, is a button (part of SCP-914), that's turning off the SCP-012.
SCP-306 doesn't need.
SCP-469 is an angel statue, that's can seizure you, when you are near (reference to the "Doctor Who" series).
SCP-666 approaches, when you trying to lay in the chamber, like you was an SCP object (chamber becomes SCP-666), then you can't leave the hostage, until you rejoin the game (without loading save), finding yourself in the chamber again. It may continues, until you become an SCP (SCP-173, for example), [voiceover becomes contextual from personal], then you turning around and describing yourself in SCP-173 hostage, looking for people around you {so can't move until they watching}, then waiting for the blink, in this case you can move and kill.
SCP-999 is a murlock can scratch you with kill, then you should disharm him with a gun for the secure.
SCP-343 is a killing machine that appropriates when you reaching potential taint zone (SCP-860-1 (reaching with beach (SCP-860-2*?))), trying to leave the area by leap the fence, on the way to the boat (which is saluating abroad), in the almost end of the game.
SCP-001 (tv), SCP-002 (coffin), SCP-003 (end room), SCP-004 (warhead) should be removed (they are part of the another game).
SCP-087 [the game]; is the chamber of the SCP:CB, that should be combined with the main part.
SCP-079 containment chamber doesn't need.
Light-heavy containment zone should be renamed as it, it's just stage of the game.
The game should be renamed as just SCP (Secure. Containment. Procedures.).
P.S.: There is should be dot in the center of logo.
P.P.S.: There are should be other SCP added by community.

*causing lags

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Re: SCP - Containment Breach.

What I got from this word salad is that they want a bunch of SCPs (that aren't in the game to begin with), 294 and 914 removed, and they want SCP-012 rewritten as a music box. They also want a bunch of made-up SCP-682 instances wrecking the facility.

Here's a message to the creator of this thread. You can't alter SCPs just for the sake of Containment Breach, that's not how adding SCPs works. If you wanted 012 changed, you'd have to ask the SCP Foundation themselves. 012 has been in its current state for a long time however, and changing it would have a MASSIVE negative backlash. You also should not create SCPs just to get them in Containment Breach, that really isn't an admirable goal. The "As and other furniture" bit however, I have no idea what that's supposed to mean. Also, Regalis (and 99% of SCP:CB's players) have all stated that there won't be firearms in the official Containment Breach. Ever. Play Third Subvision's (PXLSHN and Vane Brain) Nine-Tailed-Fox mod instead.

Also, if the game were renamed to just "SCP" that'd be really misleading, as there are tons of SCP games out there, not just Containment Breach. Again, SCP Containment Breach has been its name since day 1, and if changed would also have a huge negative impact. Heck, Regalis' first SCP game was SCP-087-B, a spin-off of Haversine's own SCP-087 game.

As for the ideas themselves, I'll try my best to critique them fairly.

SCP-682-B: Having a little girl SCP isn't original. It's been done countless times, even if this one is tied to a giant reptile that can adapt to physical trauma, elements and nuclear bombs. The fact it's friendly with 682 is very reminiscent of the Experiment Log where 053 was put into 682's chamber and eventually interacted with it.

SCP-682-C: A giant lizard that kills you by falling on you? That isn't SCP material, it might as well be a big fuzzy grizzly bear, should that be the case.

SCP-682-D: There are probably many SCPS that kill you upon you looking at them, but having those that kill upon them looking at you? I'm not so sure. This is also basically just regular SCP-682, but "he can kill you with laser eyes!"

SCP-682-E: Having an SCP based off of an urban legend or mythical beast has been done before, and is not new or original, but it could work. However, what you appear to have done is written a description of a generic vampire, which isn't really SCP material, unless some other properties offset it from other vampires. (Also, the word you're looking for is "drain". "Drench" means to soak something or someone with a large volume of liquid, such as water.)

Extra Notes: the people who manage the Foundation site and those who are responsible for Containment Breach are two different parties. Additionally, changing the logo would cause the same negative backlash, unless it were used for a separate branch of the Foundation, like the Nine-Tailed-Fox squad having its own logo.

Re: SCP - Containment Breach.

Ely wrote:SCP-682-B is known as SCP-053 either.
Wait, are you saying that 682-B should also be known as SCP-053? Or not? Because if it's the former, then that's confusing. Have you actually read the whole post?

Re: SCP - Containment Breach.

AgentParadox wrote:
Ely wrote:SCP-682-B is known as SCP-053 either.
Wait, are you saying that 682-B should also be known as SCP-053?
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Re: SCP - Containment Breach

My head hurts,
but as Paradox said: You cant change a SCP, or it will have alot of negative backlash, nor changing the logo AND the name of the game. If 012 were to be changed, it'd have to be under -10 rating on the writing wikia and hated. Unless you want to change SCP-682 or 012, get a wikidot account, and magically edit the two to however you want to, which i would not advise, since you'd get banned.
Anyways: Onto the name and logo change: SCP just being SCP would mean nothing.
The reason why CB (or Containment Breach) Is there is BECAUSE a breach happens, getting rid of it just makes its confusing and attracts less people.
Anyways, judging by your account age, you barged into the fourms since you either: already hate the game
Are a troll.
I bid you adieu, sir!
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Re: SCP - Containment Breach.

Ely wrote:
AgentParadox wrote: Wait, are you saying that 682-B should also be known as SCP-053?
They're not going to change the designation of 053, because that's not how it works. It has to be either associated biologically with, or created by, SCP-682, and 053 is its own thing.