Looking for a very specific map seed #3

New update dropped, so I’m going to try my luck again at requesting either a seed that fulfills these conditions, or a custom-made map.

-Possible to get every achievement
-The light, heavy, and entrance zones are completely separate.
-As many different documents as it is possible to get in this version.
-Designed in a comparatively practical way (not being forced to take maintenance tunnels due to a complete lack of doors, or long hallways ending up in dead ends.)
-An occurrence of every 'mini event' (Such as the ear bear, or the janitor getting abducted)

Once again, all participation is voluntary, but appreciated.

Re: Looking for a very specific map seed #3

SCP-9341-D wrote:Well, with the new map editor and the addition of the 3D viewer for it, making a map is more pratical and easy. So you could make your own but, if i have time, i can make one :)

As for the seed, i don't have one, but you can keep trying and you might find one.
Whatever works. I’m trying the editor too. But I’d rather not discount any help.