Is the Spiral Gestalt the Save/Load/Seed feature?

In SCP Containment Breach your character, D-9341/Benjamin Oliver ___, was punished and demoted from rank 4 to a D-class subject due to unauthorized experimentation on something called "Spiral Gestalt." This much info can be gained by retrieving documents from the Hole, SCP-1437.

According to these documents, Spiral Gestalt deals with altering reality. One of the flashing texts in the game is ""Some kind of gestalt effect due to massive reality damage."

I was wondering today, what if YOU are an SCP, and your super power is the ability to save and load the universe, thereby creating new universes and screwing with reality? When I learned of the Spiral Gestalt, this fit perfectly, or even better, than my silly-ish idea, because you don't even need to be an SCP to be doing this.

I mean, what damages reality in a more massive way than loading a savegame and taking a different route? This damages reality so hard it's a fourth-wall reality damage (like what Kojima does sometime, except good. jk)

Just an idea. I'm new, so I don't know what's been discovered recently about the Spiral Gestalt, but it would be a really cool way to explain the save/load feature in a digetic way, if the Save/Load WAS the Spiral Gestalt, and your character has figured out how to harness it for his own ends. But we might glean more from looking at the context of the word Gestalt:

"Gestalt, a German word for form or shape, may refer to: Holism, the idea that natural systems and their properties should be viewed as wholes, not as collections of parts." It can also have to do with patterns and relationships with the places and people of the "here and now" -- aka, this current seed.

The world in SCP: Containment Breach is made up of a bunch of parts, and each whole constitutes one seed of the game world. If the Spiral Gestalt isn't the Save/Load feature, it could be the seed system - the fact that the world changes with each iteration and new save. Nothing's more "reality" damaging to the world of SCP than starting a new savegame with a new seed. Right? And you can only have ONE save at a time, meaning the other world and series of events were DESTROYED. Sounds like exactly the kind of thing the SCP Foundation would try to guard against.

Perhaps what D-9341 did CAUSED the seed system to happen in the first place. Perhaps ALL of the game's menu systems operate as some kind of interface with the Spiral Gestalt, and every time you save or load, or start a new game with a new seed, you're screwing around with exactly the kind of stuff that got D-9341 into trouble in the first place.

Anyway, just an idea, and I hope we find out for sure sometime.

PS. SPOILER FOR AN ENDING: in one of the gate A endings I think, a scientist remarks at how amazingly you could predict and avoid the insane obstacles in this place, as if you'd done it many times before. Could be a fun reference to the player, and/or this could ALL tie in to the Spiral Gestalt?