Suggestion: New SCP

Hello there, I am writing this with passion towards Undertow Games perhaps seeing this and considering it.

There was a game a long time ago called “Glover” for the Nintendo 64, and I witnessed my friend play it and completely get obliterated by the first boss in the entire game... So I wanted to make an SCP based off that boss.

It’s basically an amalgamation of the “Pirate Boss” in Glover, but I put on a derpy twist to it so that Hasbro doesn’t get on your butt for copyright claims. Thank you for reading my suggestion. Have a nice day. :)

Re: Suggestion: New SCP

Thank you for letting me know about the pre-existing SCP-666, I understand completely as well about the unfitting nature of the SCP itself. Maybe it could be added as like a future April Fool's or something, just to have some players laugh a little while enjoying the rest of the game.

I just wanted to put my idea up anyway... Maybe I could change it so that it's more fitting to the horror theme. Thank you so much though for your help!