Re: Animation/Rigs

Scott Rash wrote:
Sat Mar 16, 2019 8:18 pm
Omniary wrote:
Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:05 am
Gonna throw this out there since we need an animator for a couple of finished models, if you're willing!

Twisted Polygon just finished some great models for SCP-106 and SCP-513-1

Here are the necessary animations that will be needed for either and a run down of how the general feel for them should be.

SCP-106 - *'d are optional and would only be a bonus
- slow, limping walking cycle for outside the pocket dimension
- a normal walking cycle for the pocket dimension
- separate animations for when it's emerging from the wall, floor and ceiling
- pushing the player over and dragging them
- an animation of it standing still and looking around for the player
*- perhaps an animation of it slowly and weakly falling over before sinking into the floor (for the scene at Gate A)
*- an animation for 106 popping out of the floor and grabbing someone
106 should have a sort of old, creeping feel to him, as well as slightly unnatural actions.

- a menacing idle animation
- a regular walk animation
- perhaps 513-1 attacking the player, before
- running away
513-1 doesn't need too many animations, it's a rather minor SCP, and it's appearances seem to be brief and ominous. It's last two animations are ideas for a bigger gameplay element involving it.

Also, as mentioned before, it'd be nice if some of the guard and class D/generic human npc animations could be fixed. You can find the .b3d files in the game, they're under GFX/npcs/classd.b3d and mtf.b3d for the Class D's and Guards respectively.

The Class D models already have a numerous amount of animations, presumably made for an FPS of sorts, but some of the current animations are kinda crummy, especially for their scripted events. Here's some animations I think can be modified
-multiple idle animations, they look rather unnatural and stiff right now. Perhaps some of them looking over to their right, and then looking around.
-updated run and walk animations
-transitions from and to the idle and walking animations
-animation for the Class D walking up to 173 and looking at it, then looking back towards the others (sorta like in 0:49 of this video)
-maybe an animation for the guy who's grabbed by 106 and pulled into the floor. It transitions in from a run animation.
The Guards' animations are pretty good actually, there's only a couple that could use an update.
- updated walk cycle, they look rather uncomfortable when doing so
- a fixed neck snap and dying animation, it's really buggy for some reason
I'm not the type of person who helps with this type of stuff, so if you need help with something, I'll try to answer back with the best of my abilities, otherwise I can drop a PM to someone who can.
I'm late as hell, but who cares? So I am currently, in SFM, working on some animations for SCP-106. (Model was imported into GMod by CPTHazama for an SCP:CB SNPC Pack, and I simply ported them (including 106) into SFM.) I am trying to build the animations off of the ideas you have for SCP-106 animations. To make it more simple, I am using an IK Rig. (Which was a pain in the ass to create with the auto-rigger mod since it had no hand bones.) I'll try to show you some when I am finished. Maybe someone could try to make some animations in Blender using my animations as a base when I am finished? I don't really know how to import a character from SFM to Blender with Custom Animations, (Not sequences. Sequences are pretty much animations already built into the model.) So I might need help with that.
you can just export the animation as an smd and then import it into blender using source engine tools