Make Gas Mask and hazmat Suit Require Oxygen Filters To Work

Those Filers Slowly Drain For 0,5% quality per second. Filters are having their own quality phases:

Normal- Normal sprint.

Polluted- Sprint gets restored slower.

Hostile- Sprint does not regenerate.

Deadly- Sprint does not regenerate + decontamination gas effect. The player will die if he wears this quality filter for about 6 seconds.

Gas filters can be found:

* One near SCP-1123's box.

* Two inside SCP-008's chamber control room.

* From 2 to 3 in heavy containment zone's storage near elevator.

* 1 in entrance zone's medical room.

* One inside SCP-205's control room, so this place can finally be more useful, than just being s safe file on euclid difficulty.

"Very Fine" gas mask and "Very Fine" hazmat suit does not require oxygen filters.
Barotrauma submarine designer- rico6822

Re: Make Gas Mask and hazmat Suit Require Oxygen Filters To Work

But will you agree with me, that having them got unlimited oxygen is quite unrealistic? Plus several things in SCP: Containment Breach take effect in way shorter time, than normally.

* Running out of batteries.

* SCP-427 make player transform in less, than 10 minutes. It should take more, than 1 hour.

* SCP-096 rushes on player in 40 seconds after seeing face. In official canon it should take 2 minutes.
Barotrauma submarine designer- rico6822