Re: MODEL REQUESTS: SCP-650 = Black Statue.

I for one think we should and we should not add SCP-650.
Why should we add it: Because it's awesome,good startle tool,another new scp
Why we shouldn't add it? :Well think about it,we add another statue. ... Point is 173 would be very jealous,he must be the alpha male statue of the group no?
So he would be so mad that he would glitch through all the game just to kill you and take revenge on that bloody black statue.
Just saying,dont wanna make 173 angry don't we? :173:

Re: MODEL REQUESTS: SCP-650 = Black Statue.

Personally I think 173 would appreciate some company. After all, he's been the only statue in the entire game since the beginning.
Larry got some "humanoid" company in the form of 096 and 049. But poor little 173 is facing the walls because he wants nobody to see his tears.

On a more serious note, I'm all for new SCPs and new mechanics. It gives the game more variety. I remember when there was only 173 and 106 in the old days.
We have come a long long way.
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Re: MODEL REQUESTS: SCP-650 = Black Statue.

DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT RIGGING THE MODEL :079_2: or else, you'll think about 079 being your worst...
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Re: MODEL REQUESTS: SCP-650 = Black Statue.

Tis kinda a dead thread, but I really think 650 has some amazing potential for the game and would love to see the idea revived. If the thread hadn't already been bumped back up to the front page, I probably wouldn't post, but since it has, I'd like to throw out an idea for mechanics.

So, the actual SCP description would give a lot of leeway for it's mechanics in game without it being non-canon. I'd suggest putting it in a room, either it's own containment room or perhaps another (like with 096), and put a useful item in that same room. Maybe have him standing in his usual "observed" pose for you to easily see when you enter the room, but don't actually have him move until you've either crossed a certain threshold or picked up the useful item or his SCP document (placed to to pick it up you have to be looking away from him. Then obviously have him appear inches behind you. He's supposed to be a "startling statue", so having him move as soon as you enter his chamber and blink I don't think would be nearly as startling as after someone unwittingly becomes comfortable with the immobile statue, and starts exploring his room, only to find him right behind them after picking up an item.

After his initial scare, obviously have him move around the room, sitting, laying, crouching, etc, maybe even appearing behind you 1 or 2 more times to try and scare you. His movements are when line of sight are broken, so obviously blinking should allow him to move about. However, it would retain a bit more mystery and unknown if he didn't always move when you looked away or blinked. So you might be staring at him sitting in a chair, blink a few times, turn around and walk around, and he's still there, then at random intervals, both long and short, he's suddenly mobile again. I feel something like that would keep that startling effect when you've watched him just chilling out, broke line of sight several times, then after like the 8th blink suddenly he's gone again and directly behind you.

I think the thing that would make him most worth adding is the Foundation addendum "Object upgraded to Euclid class after statue somehow managed to appear on the other side of Site ███". So, after you find him, he leaves his chamber and is now wondering the facility with you. Just make him appear very rarely so you never know when you might see him, and with enough time in between appearances that you're comfortable again. Allow him to "respawn" in just about every room as well, just as long as certain areas within rooms are off limits so he doesn't block a doorway or narrow passage. So for example, it's been perhaps 30 minutes since you've last encountered him, he's not really on your mind anymore, you're wondering the facility like usual, and you open a door that obviously leads to a dead-end room. You turn around to leave and BAM he's right there in your face again. Might even be worth throwing in 173-like sfx, just to add to the startle factor. After that, perhaps he just wonders around the room he reappeared in, chilling out like in his chamber here and there, before disappearing again.

You could easily make him avoidable like 372, but honestly I always trigger 372 just because I like that bit of extra startle factor, and I would absolutely love to see 650 implemented for an extra layer of startle factor in the game.

Hope I'm not doing wrong by posting in a kinda dead thread, but I'd also like to know what y'all think about those mechanics. I kinda feel like some solid mechanics ideas were kinda lacking throughout the thread, and maybe that's why the idea kept dying out. I dunno, what do y'all think?