[Suggestion] SCP classified documents

I found those videos talking about some SCP Incidents. They could be used for adding more background story to the game, maybe you could add those archives to the game, but not as papers, maybe you could add them in video format. The player would watch them in a screen inside the game, for example a clickable computer in a office room:





My goal is to make the game with a darker background story, and let the people know even more about the past of the foundation before the breach.
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SCP classified documents
SCP-895 Containment chamber modification
D-9341 memoirs
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Re: SCP classified documents - Ways to use documents.

Hey Guys,

I know this isn't really about adding more back story into the game but i think a great addition to the game could be creating breadcrumbs in the game by ripping up documents and other paper objects you can find and using the torn pieces to help you find your way round the map in a realistic fashion. Anyways just thought this could be a cool idea :)

Thanks for reading, PepperSprite