Re: Improved Intro Sequence

Omniary wrote:I also think the intro should be expanded, showing an actual progression through the zones and facility (hopefully the class D cells aren't actually located two rooms down from 173's chamber).
Maybe a transportation sequence? Like both Half-Lifes start in a train of sort.

It can start with the gaurds escorting you (and maybe another class-d) to a rail system of sorts, which will take you to the containment area.

Or instead of that kind of transportation, maybe the the sector where the class0d are located can be above or below the containment chambers, and the gaurds walk you to an elevator of sorts.

Re: Improved intro

Make the testing into a clean up job. That would mean that the majority of the dialouge and events will change. If there is ever expanded first person view, then the player would be holding a mop and bucket in their hands. Bucket and mop will drop uselessly on the ground after the real game begins. Attempting to pick up mop will yield the message "I would pick it up if it were a boomstick."
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Re: Improved intro

Here are 2 things I think could be implemented!

1.There will be a dead D-Class getting disposed by a guard (Guard says :"If you don't want to end up like that guy,follow the instructions I say"). This will happen randomly in the intro.

Why this should be implemented?
Maybe they killed one of them for disobeying the rules and sent you instead of him!

2.Adding like a button right beside the players room.

Why this should be implemented?
How did those guards open the door?

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Re: Improved intro

Cridone wrote:
TheHoongs wrote:How did those guards open the door?
Maybe there's a switch/button somewhere else?

Imagine if a dlcass escaped, he could just release the rest of them if there was a button near the door.
I always figured there was some operator or something overlooking the D-Class cell block and when one is needed the guard will call them up when at the specific door.
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Re: Improved intro

Omniary wrote:I always figured there was some operator or something overlooking the D-Class cell block and when one is needed the guard will call them up when at the specific door.
That may be. BTW, I'd really like to see more workers in the office room you pass by. Not too much, maybe 2 or 3 more sitting at their desks and working with the comuters.
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Re: Improved intro

I love everyone's ideas so far. One that I think that would be very effective, going off of the Dead D-Class idea would be:

You sit in the cell reading the paper that was on the desk, suddenly you hear voices in the cell next to you. You are able to hear a guard say "Get out of the cell" to someone in the room next to you. Suddenly, you hear a man (D-Class) begin to scream because of his paranoia and his sanity slowly leaving his mentality, his fear being pronounced by his panic. A few shots go off. Everything falls silent. Then your cell opens, the normal dialogue occurs, but when you walk out, if you look over, you can see a guard standing outside the cell of the dead D-Class calling in the clean=up crew on his radio. If you peak inside that cell, you can see a Dead D-Class on the floor covered in blood, with a few bullet holes in the concrete at the end of the cell, indicating he had been shot for disobeying orders due to his paranoia. That way it can show the player that maybe where the guards are taking him is not such a good place to go, and that these D-Class are really treated like shit and are shown to horrible things.
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Re: Improved intro

Omniary wrote: I always figured there was some operator or something overlooking the D-Class cell block and when one is needed the guard will call them up when at the specific door.
Yeah, there's a few normal doors in the classd cell block so it seems logical.

Maybe Reg could add a couple of cameras (about 3) into the block and maybe even some numbers and a light above the doors so it'd make more sense.

It'd also give that unused sign texture in the map folder a use.

Re: Improved intro

D-1: There is anybody??
D-2: Yes has I there.
D-3: Has There too.
D-4: I too.
D-1: whore I like not hi, I am to border in a whore of cell, and you?
D-2: Similar.
D-3: Too.
D-4: Similar.
D-3: I like not how he treats us, these people there.
D-2: needs that you makes for you for it, his is going to be as his during 1 month.
D-3: I know, after he are going to free us?
D-2: You is on the West or what? They are timely you even by saying: " We are scientists and experienced on things and everything " and you made an agreement by which that if you worked during a month here, he will make you go out and they will clean you your police record!
D-3: Yeah...
D-4: You know the story??
D-3: The history story of what?
D-4: The history of my cock, héhéhéhé!!!
D-2: Asshole...
D-1: It was rotted!
D-3: Go, tell us another story!
D-1: No!!
D-2: No!!
Guard: Shut up, I want of the silence!

Here is a discussion when D-9341 wakes up in its cell...
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