Re: SCP 372 = Peripherial Jumper. (Being made by chris0matic

Destructoid wrote:You people. Have rustled thia boy's jimmies.
Yeah, it seems this thread in particular has seen a lot of rustle0.ogg-ing. Pun intended.


But in a perfect world, I'd be happy to see you all simply giving and taking opinions with no further harassment, not just here, but on the forum in general. Something along the lines of 'opinion' < 'consideration' < 'kind denial/approval' < 'continue'. Alas, there always seems to be motivation for a fight. Please be try to be considerate on those on the thread, I really urge you guys to just be bros here, this really is a fun community to be a part of, don't ruin it.
It slep time bunner.

Re: SCP 372 = Peripherial Jumper. (Being made by chris0matic

tsk, it's too bad this thread took this direction. I was actually really interested in this before everyone got all anal about the legs 8\

I honestly like it with 8 legs; it makes it less cluttered and more skittery and erratic like a spider and less like a centipede, which though fast they don't seem to be super erratic. Also, you do know that a pair doesn't always refer to two things; it can also refer to one thing, IE a pair of pants.

Plus, you have to remember that even the SCP Foundation has stated many times that there's no real canon, and it's perfectly fine to ignore what's been written on any of the articles and stories. Artistic license and all that, you know!

Speaking of art, as the one that drew this image that's been linked in the thread (( ... 2_1280.jpg)) and people have said not to add eyes like my picture has, I just wanted to mention that they're not supposed to be eyes, but more of a split, dome-like sensory organ. Think of the melon of a dolphin or the head of a barreleye fish. just sayin

Don't get discouraged, Chris!

Re: SCP 372 = Peripherial Jumper. (Being made by chris0matic

spartan322 wrote:Yeah, but the game is supposed to be as canon as possible.
spartan, Like he said. It couldof Meant Like a pair of pants. Which when i was trying to explain everyone went anal about and threw a fit. The reason why i raged is because You guys kept arguing when i said im leaving it. I wasnt going to let you guys decide. I was leaving it to regalis. Anyways. IDK if this gets you mad guys,

But im remaking him.
With 8 legs.
No fighing, If reg doesnt like it. Ill change it to HIS plan.