MTF model file

Hello everybody, long time no see.

I'll cut to the chase and this topic's whole point.
Here's the MTF model file(.blend), if anyone wants to finish it. ... od/mtf.rar
(link in signature for pictures of the last progress made)

I have learnt so much about 3D modelling, and art in general, since I started making this model that it now makes me sick even trying to get back to it, mainly because of the terrible topology(which I didn't even know what it was at the time) all the uneven faces for stuff that should be flat, and not even going to mention how weird the body looks in my opinion, the proportions and such.

The only way I could get back into making this model is by starting is from scratch, which I really don't have the time or will to do.
Hope someone could put this to good use and finish it.

Some quick links for myself (and you all too).
SCP-096 model
MTF model
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Pixel Joint


Re: MTF model file

Taking a look at it at Blender and i can't really see how it is a bad model. Considering the mess that CB is with it's models coming all from a LOT of different modellers with varying skill levels i'd like to see it in the game anyway since it fits pretty good IMO. Don't quite remember who made the 106 model but if that was you it'd be nice to have the very VERY main NPCs models all made by you.

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