[SFX] Gunshots, ambients and misc. sound effects

Hear some examples:
Gunshots heard from up close. (it's loud from the first moment, so turn the volume down a bit!).
Assault rifle outdoors (yes, this is loud too).
A brief and violent encounter with a hostile SCP, as heard from a significant distance (this, on the contrary, could use a volume boost).

Update: Sound design of atmospheric games in general and SCP: CB in particular makes you put significantly more effort in ambient and foley sounds rather than gunshots, and, while working on certain things, I shifted my focus to more mild and subtle soundscapes, somewhat like those examples below.
Distant growling (second variant). Useful for monstrous SCPs.
A brief earth tremor, heard from a distance. Metal stresses in the background and some dust lands on the listener.

If you need any sound effect, starting with footsteps and breathing and up to explosions and ambient loops, feel free to make a request below!
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