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I am an independent student filmmaker. I have been making films for about 7 years. I came across this game and I was just AMAZED by it. It was great, and truly gave me a lot of inspiration. I saw the trailer on the website for the game, and frankly, I really think a better trailer would do this game some good. I would LOVE to make a trailer for this game, I have made trailers for several games before. I use programs such as After Effects, Final Cut, Boujou, Maya, 4D Cinema, Logic Pro, and Garage band for my projects. I have also done this for game trailers. Whether it be a live-action trailer or in game I dont know. I would love to do either or both. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever thought of that and If by chance they would like to share if they would like to, and let me know if I could get permission to do so. If Regalis believes this to be a good idea :)
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Really? Great! Another reason why I posted this here was to see what kind of things people thought would be cool to include. I know that this game is almost built by a community since Regalis just makes several requests on some of the things he needs, like models, sound effects, and so on. I do realize Regalis is the creator, but I just love how he allows the community to fill this game in with ideas and creativity. So I thought that would be a great idea for the trailer, for the live action and in-game trailers. So if you can spread this around, I think it would be cool to get people's ideas. Even though I have been spending countless nights up till 5:00 in the morning transitioning from this game to the SCP Foundation wiki reading articles upon articles of SCP's, I do feel like other people would love to help fill in the gaps of ideas and creativity. Especially for a live-action trailer. I have also been wanting to write a full film adaptation/screenplay based off this game and the foundation, but that'll be later on. :)
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I personally would be ecstatic if a trailer could be made of SCP:CB, and I'm sure Regalis too would be happy for one. While it has been discussed before about making a trailer no actual action has come to pass except for some minor ingame footage used in advance of an upcoming release.

In actuality if you need ideas I have a interesting basis which you could form a trailer. Based of this Dead Space trailer. I fell a trailer in similar style to this video would fit well with the theme of SCP:CB.

Also an honorable mention to Mirocaine's suggestion of the Doom 3 Alpha Trailer. This trailer too has merit on, though I prefer the Dead Space one the decision is yours.

I think mainly using either ingame footage and possibly a combination of animated footage would work. Though I would put a heavy emphasis on ingame footage.

If you do chose to create a trailer I say good luck.
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If someone could export several maps and NPCs out of CB into a format that could be used in Cinema 4D, or even possibly just Source FM, then I think we could have an interesting trailer on our hands. I was thinking of a mesh of 1st person gameplay, and 3rd person footage of several of the SCPs and NPC's half the time. I made some audio for the trailer I had in mind a while back.
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That Dead Space trailer has always been a very favorite of mine, just the execution was brilliant and creepy all in one. So I believe something like the Dead Space trailer too would be awesome. I also like the Doom 3 trailer as well, since it is very straight to the point. So maybe a combination of the two? I think in terms of how to make this trailer attract people to the game when they watch it, we definitely should include cleverness, and maybe not even any dialogue except which is in game. That is just a suggestion on my part, I am completely open to ideas and any suggestions you guys got. I do prefer the Dead Space because of its execution, which is great. The Doom 3 trailer is a great as well, but maybe a little too much to the point with the narrator. Other than that though, both trailers are cool, and would be great in a SCP Format haha. I see your point on putting a heavy emphasis on in game footage, I like the idea too. I also like the idea of using animated footage as well. Such as Omniary suggested about exporting SCP/NPC's and a map to a 4D Cinema format or Maya format. I would love that, my experience with 4D Cinema and Maya come from creating Special Effects to include in some of my short films. Such as 3D Animated Jets and Spaceships and so on. I have never really attempted full on animated scenes before though. It would be a great challenge, but in terms of making this trailer the best it can, and after seeing many of the things you guys have come up with in terms of animating models and so on, I definitely think it would be a good idea if someone who has animated models in this game and knows how the characters move and how they should move according to the SCP universe, I think it would be a great way to include you guys, I have been trying to work on my animation skill set in terms of humanoids, but I mainly have animated (not much) vehicles/automobiles. I can see WAY more talented people in terms of animating and all that on the forums here where you guys collaborate at times, and I think it would be great to have some of those people be included if they would like to of course. Also, the format mostly widely supported by 4D Cinema is .c4d, but models can be in obj. maya. as well, I just can't use any models that reference to 3DS Max, since I do not own that program...yet.
Also DjSaturn, what place? I have been hassled by the cops more than once while filming, that's kind of a downfall to making short films haha, it is worth it though. :)
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DjSaturn wrote:It's California, United States.

Are you near there at all?
Uhm. If you count Washington State as close then yes... haha. Sorry, california is just a little too far for me haha. I also have numerous areas that I was allowed to film in. Such as a VERY large abandoned port building that was planning on being demolished. It would work for a short film or live-action trailer of some sort. I think as of right now I will focus on the in-game and animated aspects for a legit SCP Containment Breach Trailer. Then afterwards I would definitely be into doing a live-action trailer or short film. That is if the community or anyone like Steelpoint or Regalis would be into having an in-game trailer AND a seperate live-action trailer. I'm up for anything really :)
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