SCP-1981 And SCP-1997

Ideas For SCP-1981: SCP-1981's Chamber Requires A Level 5 Keycard (Or The Player Can Teleport To SCP-1981) To Enter, Just Like SCP-372, SCP-1981 Will Blur When The Player Watches The RONALD REGAN CUT UP WHILE TALKING But Dosen't Kill The Player, In SCP-1981's Chamber, There Is A Document Of SCP-1981 Scrapped From This Wiki

Ideas Of SCP-1997: SCP-1997's Chamber Requires A Level Omni Keycard (Or The Player Can Teleport To SCP-1997) To Enter, Once The Player Clicks On SCP-1997, The Activaity Book Will Rather Generate To Science, Nature, History, Space, Or Art, Once The Player Finishes One Of The Subjects, They Can Click Submit, If The Player Gets All Of The Words Right, The Player Will Receive A Document Saying "Good Job", If The Player Gets All The Words Wrong, They Receive A Document Of SCP-1997 Instead Which Is Scraped From This Wiki, It Should Be Noted That SCP-1997 Can Be Used A Lot Of Times If The Player Wants To.
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