SCP-096 is blocking a door button completely and will not move.

(I attempted to include a screenshot but I don't know how to post screenshots using this format)

So at some point in SCP-096's journey through the facility, he got himself stuck on a wall... that just so happens to be right in front of a door button leaving me unable to open said door. He refuses to walk in any other direction besides forward ( Literally just walking in place while stuck on the wall) and the angle that his model is facing makes it impossible to even see his face. This issue was not fixed by exiting the game and getting back in. He is just not moving from that spot, I wouldn't have a problem with this if he wasn't blocking a door that leads to SCP-008's containment chamber. Although I already recontained 008 at the time of reporting this my fear is that this will happen to somebody else forcing them to restart the game because of 096 blocking a door button that leads to areas that are necessary to beat the game.