Some Bugs


I Was Playing SCP Containment Breach and i was in the Maintance Tunnel where SCP 106 Comes. I Did call the Elevator up and take SCP-1499 while i was in the Elevator. as i was in the Dimension of SCP-1499, then the Game Glitched and told me Something like Error Blitz7 ( i cant really remember ) on the bottom of my screen i only saw the scp's in the dimension and then once i take the mask off, i was over the map over SCP 1123's Room, and if i tried going to the Dimension again i'm flying up and it says the same Error Message.


I was searching in the Heavy Containment Zone and on a Tesla-Gate SCP 049 just Appeared infront of me in the Tesla Gate and i died cause of him so i needed to noclip.


SCP 106 just appears sometimes in the Game but i already killed him in a Elevator Gate. (i dont know if it kills him but i guess so)

Re: Some Bugs

1. 1499 is usually buggy in elevator areas. (It instantly kills when used in the 939 room.) I would recommend being careful where you use it.
2. 049 will usually appear out of nowhere. (Think of it like a slasher movie where the killer randomly teleports into the room.) I recommend trying not to corner yourself, always keep moving, and find 714 so you won't instantly be taken down.
3. This is not a bug. The Tesla gate only SHOCKS 106. You can't take a keter SCP down that easily.