Finding Level 2 Keycard.

I am having trouble finding the level 2 keycard from the first download link. I'm not sure if it's a glitch or not, but I've searched the entire facility, and still can't find it. I would go into 914, although you need a level 2 keycard to open it. I really want to play the game and get jumpscared, but it's hard to without being able to leave light containment.

Re: Finding Level 2 Keycard.

The level two keycard is in the LCZ (light containment zone). If you get a level one keycard you should be able to enter room2testroom2's keycard area. When you enter you should be able to find a level two keycard and a navigator. (Be careful of 173 in the room.)
EDIT: Tell me what map seed you put in so I can check if the room spawns or not.

Re: Finding Level 2 Keycard.

You need to find this room in Light
needs Level 1 keycard

then go inside the second door to the left and watch for 173 behind or infront of the glass, move to your right quickly and grab the keycard without turning away from him and leave the room again before you blink, so make sure to blink fresh before you open the second door to the room.