Re: Quick Guidelines for Posting Bug Reports

I only just made my account to report this bug, but I don't seem to be able to create a thread on the Bug Reports forum so I'm afraid my only option is to report the bug here. Anyways....

I was Listening to Radio station 5 when my game crashed giving me this error message: Sound SFX\035\franklin2.ogg not found.

Edit: I just crashed in the pocket dimension with this error: Sound SFX\Horror17.ogg not found.

Re: Quick Guidelines for Posting Bug Reports

I think something should be fixed in forum rules. You have this three posts limitation before creating a topic, and you have this anti-necroposting rule. I joined the forum just to list some bugs I encountered during the game. Which means that I have to write anything (like this post) to submit my observations but I should't post in other topics (when there is an old bug still unfixed, or new one but similar) to prevent myself from getting warned or banned?
Sorry, just dont get that. Moving to write about bugs, since it's my third one.

Re: Quick Guidelines for Posting Bug Reports

POSSIBLE GLITCH OF 049? He seems stuck in a door! :O

[youtube] ...[/youtube]

I guess he can't leave! He LOCKED himself inside WITH the Mobile Task Force!

Welp, he's fucked.

Goodbye, Doctor, You will be terminated.

:MTF: SCP-049 has been spotted!
I'm a thread of yarn.


"Run! Get to Gate-A or B! Try to run without SCP's and MTF's spotting you! Try to get items that help, and escape."