[0.9.1] Bugfixes and optimizations


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- Some fixes to the "room106" event: containing SCP-106 should be easier
- No more falling-through-floor, attempt #3 (I tested this a lot this time)
- Fixed door that leads to the void in "room2servers" (SCP-096's server room)
- Placed "testroom" keypad door correctly
- MTFs at Gate A will get the player if they contained SCP-106 (this is just a workaround, the pathfinding system needs actual fixing)
- Optimized event sounds
- Footstep sounds are texture-specific even if you disable bump mapping
- The game is backwards compatible with v0.9
- Added the custom RoomMesh format for faster loading times and more efficient memory usage
- RoomMesh loader rewritten: the old version was prone to have bugs
Due to several people not being able to figure this out when Bugfixes for Events was released, here are instructions on how to use:
Download the file to your "SCP - Containment Breach" folder, extract all the files and merge all the folders. Then, run "SCP - CB v0.9.1 - Bugfixes and optimizations.exe".

Optionally, you can use "B3D - RoomMesh Conversion.exe" before running the game to enable faster loading. However, there may be some bugs with it; if the player does not collide with a room, revert to B3D.
No pics since game features are not changed.

Source code is included in the download, merge with the other files from the original source code to use.

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