Textures Flickering

ALright when i first played 1.3.4 i could barely play 2 minutes of the game due to the fact the every 30 steps i take causes the game to freak out and the floor walls and ceiling start to flicker and disappear and reappear altogether to the point making the game unplayable i tried borderless full screen, full screen, all resolutions and graphics and every option in the graphics tab and even compatibility didn't help i don't know if its just my specs or the game itself but i dont want to keep playing in random intervals and the frames dropping heavily when the textures flicker and user tracks act odd in this one i get its unable to load, also sound loading is obvious in SCP-106 recontainment scene. Thank you for the game though it scares me alot <3

Re: Textures Flickering

CommanderMark wrote:
Inclination wrote:Hop on the unity remake train, your only hope.
> Holding out hope for the Unity remake.
WOW MARK, HOW COULD YOU. HE WAS JUST SAYING [insert something here idk lol]


Re: Textures Flickering

914 killed me wrote:source engine=fire red. port cb to source!
What does Source have over Unity? If I look at it now; Unity has more in terms of creation than Source most likely ever will have at this point.

And besides, Source is a pain in the ass regarding compiling and lighting. It uses old methods of lighting and such, so compiling test maps takes forever (for a big map/multiple rooms, even with fast compile). Even then, lighting will break for most props without a full HDR compile and sometimes cause full-black objects.

None of this shit happens in Unity. (Thank god)
zornor90 wrote:We should port Containment Breach to the doom engine.
I am with this.