SCP 1499 Errors

Well, we know that SCP-1499 The Soviet Gas Mask (GP-5) Teleports the player to :REDACTED: , in the game it works like that.
But in some parts of the game, If you use SCP 1499 It will cause Crashing, For example, using SCP-1499 In GATE A Will cause a crash. This lending a message telling that the sky of SCP-1499 Cant be loaded.
The same goes for GATE B and Another areas of the game, Only a little error that i found meanwhile i was testing the SCP on some areas of the game.
Using SCP-1499 In Pocket dimension dosnt generate any error, but if SCP-1499-1 Kills you inside the pocket dimension, how is it possible that in the game screen "YOU DIED" Appears that your body was found ?
I will keep testing whit the game, BTW, Using noclip in the start of the game will cause a Glitch message down, in red letter, In the Error_Log_0 Text file i saw this:
An error occured in SCP - Containment Breach!
Version: 1.3.9
Save compatible version: 1.3.9
Date and time: 08 Dec 2017 at 18:20:19
Total video memory (MB): 1784
Available video memory (MB): 1410
Global memory status: 320 MB/2046 MB (328584 KB/2095220 KB)
Triangles rendered: 27473
Active textures: 548

MovePlayer ***************
Field reference: Object does not exist
Uncaught (MovePlayer) ***************
Field reference: Object does not exist
Field reference: Object does not exist
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