my scp oc (scp-9999 aka Weaseltalon, but they just call her Dragonfruit)

I would like if the developers add 9999 to the game in case you need to know what she looks like she is a 4 ft 3 Fox like humanoid almost a fox neko, she is a Catatainian half-blood she has a fox tail and fox ears her skin is pure white, she was raised on a farm she became almost one of the children that would always get blamed for every thing bad that happened (since her dad disowned her and she was legally still his child) she lived with the barn animals and ate with the farm animals and sometime she didn't get to eat with the farm animals so she would go with the forest animals that would help her get food, the foxes sometime gave her mice, the wolves taught her to hunt, the rabbits taught her what she can eat and what would kill her, the forest animals and the farm animals would always share their food with Weaseltalon, she developed animal like instincts and senses from being raised by animals, she useully slept on the platform above the stalls with the barn cats, then one night when a family of foxes said she could sleep in their den she accepted but no one knew what was going to happen that night, but a knew monster/very well written creepypasta came into reality, one of the fox kits were radioactive and bit her then she became the very well written scary internet story she is today, she also has blonde hair, she's called a furry and she really likes reptiles, mammals, marsupals(minis the drop bear), and Equine alike, because she is an animal lover and she is very aware that she is no longer human she likes her new life as something that could have killed her dad, but drinking and driving killed her dad, he got what he deserved, a painful death. she has a twin sister that wanted to become a nun, but Violet had to be a farm girl.