Wiki Clean-Up Operation V2.0

The last one was decimated by some harsh words and such. It can't be recovered after all it went through, so here is the new one.
Unlike the last, I will keep this here so I can help to clean the wiki. I'll post pages that have been deleted or edited by myself, and pages that are in need of updating.

Here is the list so far:

Recently Created a List Of Rules (Can be found in the front page of the wiki): ... f_The_Wiki

Pages that Are Edited Pages That Need Editing Pages That Have Or Will Be Deleted:
  • Note: All the minor characters were deleted so as to move their descriptions to their main pages.
  • Note: The edited pages are still open to be edited. It would be appreciated if someone can check that it is in good shape.
I will be listing more soon. However, right now I want you guys to simply post whatever needs fixing and WHY.
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Re: Wiki Clean-Up Operation V2.0

Destructoid wrote:Oh cool, someone revived my valiant effort.
Yes, I saw what you posted on the first version. It was good of you, but it obviously went nowhere due to everyone being too damn cynical about it. Now, I'll be posting all the changes I've made.
Speaking of which, I can't edit SCP-173's page.

Re: Wiki Clean-Up Operation V2.0

Ltn Vasquez wrote:
The Radical Larry wrote:This room needs to be added: ... 1f30a2.png
Not like it bloody matters anymore, there is a new wiki and all my previous efforts are for naught.
Well look at it this way, they were for naught the very moment you worked on it anyway, whether that wiki would remain alive or not. That probably doesn't make you fell any better, but it's true. Besides this just fixed everything, which was the objective in the first place, so you could be happy about that.

Re: Wiki Clean-Up Operation V2.0

Locking since the new Wiki has been made.

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