Best video game soundtrack

For me, it is the Binding Of Isaac. Danny baranowsky is now one o my favourite artists, and some songs in there are so amazing they have almost brought me to tears. The heavy ones are absolutely amazing, and the soundtrack is the best part of the game. What about you?

1. My Innermost Apocalypse
2. Sacrificial
3. It ends 2: End harder

I also liked the last of us' Latin American soundtrack. Nice change from boring techno/wubstep
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Re: Best video game soundtrack

In my opinion, a game's music can be almost as important as the visuals. Pretty much every Blizzard Entertainment game ever made has a sublime soundtrack, though especially around the Starcraft/Warcraft 3 era. Others that come to mind include the music from game serieses such as Final Fantasy, Heroes of Might & Magic and Command & Conquer.

American McGee's 'Alice' series also has great spooky music. Oh, and following a recent discovery, the Awesomenauts soundtrack deserves a mention.

Re: Best video game soundtrack

Serimah wrote:
INFINITE561 wrote:For me, it's "the best is yet to come" from MGS 4 ^.^It sounds so beautiful, plus it's sang in an almost dead language called gaelic irish
That was from MGS: Twin Snakes? I don't remember that from anything new like MGS 4 O.o
You don't remember? at the start of chapter 4 when you're going through a snow field, The song starts playing when you arrive at the base, I had a nostalgiagasm when I saw that base in HD! MGS 1 is always the best one
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Re: Best video game soundtrack

I couldn't choose personally, I love way to many Games soundtracks. Unsurprisingly though they are all at least 7 or so years old. The only Modern game that I have actually liked the Soundtrack is The Last Of Us (though I haven't actually played all that many new games).
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