SCP-914 Forum Game

This was an old and popular fourm game that died out some time ago. The game goes like this:

Person 1: Put a PC in on 1:1.

Person 2: Result: Macintosh Computer. Put a 3-DS on Very Fine (If someone forgets to add the object and/or setting, decide for them, it saves time.)

The settings are like this:

Rough: Destroys an object.

Course: Dismantles an object.

1:1: Produces a similar object.

Fine: Produces an a similar object, but with a better trait.

Very Fine: Changes an object in a bizarre and risky way.

I will start: Can of Pepsi on 1:1
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Re: SCP-914 Fourm Game

Output: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Object began brutally [DATA EXPUNGED] with a █████████ all the way up Dr. █████'s [REDACTED] screaming and bleeding for ██ hours afterward. Agent ███ was forced to employ Procedure ███-███████ [DATA EXPUNGED] cactus spines left everywhere, including inside Researcher ████'s [REDACTED]. Number of casualties recorded at ███.
The researcher responsible for this test has been severely reprimanded. - O5-█

Input: One (1) Gabe Newell
Setting: Very Fine