Re: SCP-914 Forum Game

Theimperfectbeing wrote:Output: An Anglerfish.

"This is the second test involving fish that lead to this. I think 914 is biased towards Anglerfishes." - Dr. Imperfect

Intake: The resulting anglerfish
Setting: 1:1
Output:A goldfish

Input: 5 ''active pills''

Re: SCP-914 Forum Game

Theimperfectbeing wrote:Output: A small, unidentified species of shark.

"Not an anglerfish? Wow." - Dr. Being

Intake: :REDACTED:
Setting: :EXPUNGED:
Ouput: :EXPUNGED: resulting in :REDACTED: deaths and :REDACTED: injuries.

Notes: What the :REDACTED:.

Input:SCP-239 and SCP-2599 VeryFine.

Note from Dr. :REDACTED::We are keeping this girl out of a coma from now on.

Re: SCP-914 Forum Game

Output: Labled brand, "Cinnamon Toast Crunch"

Have a D-Class test this imediatly. I want to see if this is lethal. ~Dr. Connor Syphentotics

Input: The game "Star Wars: Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Expansion"
Setting: Fine

LOVED the game. I want to see if a non-official but random-given choice is created from 914. Dr. Sabrina, and Connor Syphentotics.

Re: SCP-914 Forum Game

Chianticat10 wrote:A game comes out, with similar box art, but the game has slightly better graphics.

I like what I see- Dr.Halagey

A picture of scp 999 tickling a researcher on Very fine

Lets hope something cuter comes out-Dr Halagey
Output:A picture of :REDACTED: SCP-999's and :REDACTED: researchers.All personnel that viewed the image experienced a ''tickle :REDACTED: for 5 minuets.

I want to see 682's reaction to the image-Dr.Murkov

Input: SCP-590 and on quart of water from SCP-006.

That boy does not deserve to be mentally retarded-Dr.Murkov