Random Off-Topic discussion

Opened this thread so you guys can discuss and chat stuff that is not worth making a thread for, talk about anything (Except anything that might break rules or might be way too NSFW.

A few rules:

1. No NSFW stuff.
2. Don't encourage rage by doing stuff you know might annoy others.
3. Be nice.
4. Everybody's got their own opinions, insulting somebody for a legit opinion will not be tolerated.
5. Spamming GIF images of any type is NOT allowed. Once in a while, yeah go ahead.

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Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

Glitch wrote:Where has Steelpoint been recently anyway? Is Australia in a war with the giant spiders?
Steelpoint comes on occasionally, but not enough. I feel like we should probably elect another admin.

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Omniary: fuck you anglerfish can't smell
Dr. Trialtrex21: how you know bitch
Omniary: it probably could smell you though
could probably smell your fucking dank ass nasty powersuit structure gel trog ass enslaved protein bullshit sloshing in your suit from a mile away