Favorite Lets player that has dedicated time to playing SCP

There are rules and Choices. The choices are: Markiplier, Cry, Yamimash, Cinnamontoastken, and xxDarkheartxx. The rules are: No fighting over Who is the best, No Spamming or double posting, No racist comments or discrimination of any kind, No Trolling, No You-tubers that have not dedicated time to play SCP, And No posts that have nothing to do with the Subject unless you are conversing Appropriately with another user. And things that you are allowed to do are: Anything thats not on the list of rules, Medium amount of swearing, And post videos and pictures of the youtuber (This can be any picture or video of the youtuber and does not have to be associated with SCP containment breach).

Ok my letsplayer is markiplier.
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Re: Favorite Lets player that has dedicated time to playing

To me personally, Pewdiepie and Tobuscus don't really count as SCP let's players as neither of them actually took their time to get used to the game-mechanics properly.
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Mark is also my favorite still, even if he started to slack off after a while. He actually read up on the SCPs ingame and therefore knew how to handle them properly.
He'd take his time to actually get into the game and not just run around like an idiot wondering why 173 would kill them as soon as they turned around.
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Re: Favorite Lets player that has dedicated time to playing

Def. markiplier because he actually keeps up to date on the game and it's patch notes. Hence, he knew 096 was added and knew about them before encountering them. Which is bloody useful considering there's no 096 document, and the loading screen may go too fast/not appear.

plus, who can resist that mustache(spoiled for big)
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