Re: Making Mini-SCPs

Brunou8 wrote:What is that material?
It's Prima Plastilina clay. It's good if you want to mold whatever you're sculpting.
Omniary wrote:Lovely work so far! It's looking a lot more faithful to the original than your first attempt, great work!

If I could make a suggestion for another SCP, how about 372? You don't have to show it fully and I could see it having a more simplified design, since I think 372 could be perfect creature to be done in clay. I'd gladly help with anything I can if you want, whether it be sounds, ideas, story, etc, since I used to do stop motion videos on Youtube as well and I love how the progress looked on the first video.
Thanks! And yes I can see 372 working just fine. Also thanks for the offer, I'd greatly appreciate any help I can get.
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This is what Dropping the Chief looks like.