Help finding a website host?

What a strange place to ask this in. :? Ah, well.

Anyways, I need help finding a website host that doesn't baby you in anyways whatsoever. In more specific terms, I'd like a host that makes you/allows you (however you view it) to make your website from scratch, ie, do the html, css, and javascript by yourself. Oh, and it'd be preferable that it allowed you to take a look at the website server folder, so you can modify and control the locations of images.
I know that this is probably non-existent, but still, options are always nice. :)
Oh, and I'm not expecting to make a website as good as one made with webs or something, just something to play around with.

So, yeah, that's what I'm looking for. :P

That is all.

Re: Help finding a website host?


Yeah, juanjpro's right. I probably should've been more accurate with my wording there. I wasn't looking to have to actually manage the server software itself, just a server that took care of all of that and gave you a blank workspace to make stuff in. Sorta like Webs or Weebly, but with no fancy-shmancy templates or in-site editor or anything.

That line about "not babying you at all" is probably what was misleading. I forgot for a second there that there was more to a server then just streaming html files... :P

Oh, and thanks juanjpro!

That is all.