Re: Possibly the scariest/creepiest game ever.

Child Muncher wrote:I saw this game a few days ago called "Sad Satan". And basically it's a game which contains gory images, fucks your computer over and contains audio which induces nausea.
Not to mention a fuck ton of black and white corridors.

Here's a video (most of it is censored):


I highly suggest you do NOT download this game. Even on a Virtual Machine it still fucks up your actual PC.
SomeOrdinaryGamers? You instantly became awesome, Child Muncher.
On topic, the screaming is more annoying than terrifying.
Airplane611 wrote:His rambles creep me out...

Jg'u ugtkqwuna hwemkpi etggra.
Rattmann's rambles are interesting.. peculiar.. but not creepy.

Re: Possibly the scariest/creepiest game ever.

Keep it on topic Airplane, stop derailing the thread with irrelevant stuff.seriously, rattmann? And I don't know what's up with the recent trend of posting Higurashi shit, but it gets kind of obnoxious after a while. Gonna start removing those on sight if they keep popping up off-topic.

Didn't really watch the whole video since I think using gore as a freak-out mechanic is really dumb and pretty tasteless (CB does it in a way that's actually rather minimalistic and acceptable). The sound is actually rather well done for what it's worth, but otherwise the game's more sad than anything, mainly because some person out there made it. Kind of like a lame repeat of 087-B with gore porn instead of jumpscares.
It slep time bunner.

Re: Possibly the most strangest game ever.

It's more fucked up than anything, not really scary.

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