tell us your favourite song or music artist

tell your song or music artist so you dont need to "reveal" your music interest in a house party or something like that. anyway these are my favorite song:




these song are sang by susumu hirasawa which is my favourite singer.
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Re: tell us your favourite song or music artist

I don't know, I really don't have one. I really like listening to Game Soundtracks and Movie Soundtracks. though. If I really did have to choose, I'd say Jesper Kyd and Murray Gold.

Murray Gold
Jesper Kyd

Re: tell us your favourite song or music artist

I generally listen to everything that isn't country, but these are my favorite albums, mainly electronic.
I also really like the soundtracks to Hotline Miami 2 and NOT A HERO, which are composed of songs from various contributing artists.

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Re: tell us your favourite song or music artist

SCP-173(themusicguy) wrote:Anything by Aphex Twin or Boards Of Canada is my jam.
Good man, I could listen to BoC forever. Geogaddi was pretty much the album of my sophomore year, interesting time.


Other than Boards of Canada though, not sure what I exactly like, I don't have a preferred genre, I just like what I like, which can be anything.
It slep time bunner.