Re: What is the worse game you ever played?

The worst game I can remember playing is probably Wipeout

No, not the racing game Wipeout, the game adaptation for the tv show Wipeout.

From what i can vaguely remember, it plays like a platformer with the goal of getting through obstacles based on the ones from the tv show. It's a 4 player game, and to win you had to have the fastest time. The graphics were bad, certain hit-boxes were weird, failure was met with a time penalty and moving on to the next obstacle (the time penalty does not care how close you were to completing the obstacle, so losing quickly is met with more forgiveness than almost winning), and the game crashes. There is also not much variety outside of the randomized appearance of obstacles each playthrough (which still doesn't add that much variety) and difficulty modes.

...Also there's too much water
dank meme/10, like 40 pizza rolls with guns.