Paying my respects to Alan Rickman

Today Alan Rickman, the actor who played professor Snape in Harry Potter and a myriad of other stuff that I probably haven't seen yet has passed away at the age of 69, I want to offer my condolences to his family, friends and anyone who supported him, he was suffering from Cancer and I believe that battle to be lost as well as a great actor who was not only just respected but also very talented, Rest in peace.

An article about his death can be seen here:
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Re: Paying my respects to Alan Rickman

Or maybe I'll think outside of the box and say that a certain group have finally decided to avoid me and ignore, not going to name any members but I know exactly what they are like and to be honest they are being more childish than I was in the past.

EDIT: keep in mind I am not saying this while being completely baseless, everyone in that group seems to avoid whatever I post elsewhere.
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Re: Paying my respects to Alan Rickman

Maybe it's for the better. Some people just don't get along with each other. It's completely natural. Sometimes people just don't want to make amends because they believe it'll all fall apart given time. Sometimes they do anyway, but this same knowledge drives a wedge in the already weak relationship. In either case, it's just better that the two parties go their separate ways, and reflect on the situation to see where they may have gone wrong.
Take it as a learning experience. Try not to let it get you too down, after all, I have no beef with you for you've given me no reason for one, and I may not be the only one. Give it time. The wounds will scar over, and who knows, this group might eventually give you another shot.

Feel free to contact me whenever you like. I don't care if it's in the comments section of one of my videos on YouTube, a private message, an e-mail, or whatever. Just be sure to tell me it's you if your username is different. I'll do my best to give you advice if you want it, or just to chat if you don't.
This goes for everyone.
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