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Hello everyone. I'm Dality, and I just joined you at the old forum. I'm not so long at the SCP and Containment Breach fandom, but I hope I'll have a nice time playing the game and talking to good people.
and, uh, excuse SCP-079's fan.
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aaaa new forum! Just when I was able to change my member title to "Extraordinarily Purple". Ah well 8\

Anyhoo, I'm Tikara! I'm an artist from Alaska, though my style tends to be pretty cartoony. I enjoy video games, namely Pokémon, games from Double Fine, Minecraft, The Binding of Isaac, and a few more I can't think of off the top of my head! I enjoy taking to others, so feel free to give me PM or whatever! My Steam is "tikarathemew" if you want to add me there!

I've been following SCP:CB since 0.1.2 after watching a friend do a video series about it. My favorite in-game SCP is SCP-372 ((or as I affectionately call him, "Mr Spazzums")) and my personal favorite Foundation SCP is SCP-302 (Ant Statue).

Woohoo introductions~

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I'm Peter and my real name is not Peter. I was on the old forums for not such a long time, but for some time enough.
Hobbyist illustrator, finished art school (That really didn't affect my improved that much). I'm not a people's person. I also like cheese.

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Hi I'm Mirocaine,

I've been a pretty avid PC gamer since I was young and my father introduced me to 'Starcraft' and I was hooked ever since. I picked up a copy of Half-Life 2 many years back and joined Steam and started playing a lot of mods/games and sort of taught myself everything there is to editing games, making small scripts and mods, changing sounds etc. After a almost a decade of doing that I was browsing on Youtube and found Pewdiepie playing SCP: Containment Breach and I was hooked ever since; I started learning 3D CG art as well and it's been a blast.

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Hi everyone, I am WhiteAce, some of you who have already talked to me on skype already know my first name is Dayan well lets see what I can tell about myself here, I am 17, my b-day is on the 11th of july, I like the colour navy blue, my favourite things to watch on TV is Supernatural, The big bang theory (That's basically about it for the shows, seriously) I've basically been a gamer since I was 3, my first game was Doom, my dad sat me down on the computer and watched me play it after teaching me the controls.

Well that is about all I can tell you about myself if you wish to know more just ask.
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