A few of SCP-B8_c's phrases

So, i got bored and decided to take a few of TheBatesee's (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NBFe ... tJg22ECKWg) phrases from the Escaping the SCP Facility video:

Agent Ulgrin: Just follow me. We're authorized to kill any disobedient test subjects, sooo don't try anything stupid.
SCP-B8_c: Yup, that's kewl :D ...
*realizes he is walking with his head turned backwards*
SCP-B8_c: Is this STOOPID yet?

SCP-B8_c: sssssSCIENTIST, SCIENTIST halp me! D: DOOOOOD, where are yo-
*Security Chief Franklin ignores and closes the door*
SCP-B8_c: Fine -_-

*reaches an checkpoint*
*only has an level 1 key card*
SCP-B8_c: *lamest pirate ever* LEVEL ONE! HEY, I HAZ a PAHS t' get meee PEN LICENSE so-
*You need a key card with a higher security clearance to operate the door*
SCP-B8_c: v_v fine...

*hears 173*
SCP-B8_c: *nawdy word!*
*nice save ;)"
*hears 173 again*
SCP-B8_c: *and again!*
*I wonder what's next?*
SCP-B8_c: *...*
*sounds tasty!*

*On the A Visit to the Past video, he said he never noticed cameras following him... well...*
*A few years before...*
*Sees camera following him*
SCP-B8_c: That a camera? It is! HALLO!!! HEEYY!! *lame pirate* :O its following meh!

SCP-B8_c: I GUESS i've having this off for too long... So lets RING EET!
*rings 513*
SCP-B8_c: ah RINGY DING DING! Pickup de telephone!

*reads 05 message*
"While we appreciate the concern and obvious unease of you and your staff, there is a procedure in place for these events. The site must first be locked down to prevent physical escape," :O "and allow time to assemble the correct EM TEE YEFF teams for evaluation and recovery-"
*realizes his head is spinning while reading*
SCP-B8_c: What the HELL am I DOING!?.......... Is that how you NORMALLY read computers? C:

SCP-B8_c: Oh i do fancy a good cup of JOE!
*orders an cup of joe*
*Screeching noises from inside 294*
SCP-B8_c: O.o Is it THAT hard to make tea?
*looks at the cup*
*in for a surprise*
SCP-B8_c: OH!... *mic* xDxDxD uh, ohkay! SORRY JOE! ;_;
*drinks it*
"The drink tastes like blood, it's still warm."
SCP-B8_c: xD yeah, DON'T drink, don't drink it buddy :S
*bit late now*

*orders an cup of tea*
*drinks it*
"It tastes like cold tea*
SCP-B8_c: EWW. Yucky, thats, YUCK.
SCP-B8_c: A cup of HOT tea!
*orders an cup of HOT tea*
*drink it*

SCP-B8_c: Alright, lets get STOOPID! YEYAH! Cup of LIQUID NITROGEN!
*I'm so dead*
SCP-B8_c: Alright.
*Drink cup*
*Freezes whole body*
SCP-B8_c: xDxDxDxDxDxDxD :O YEP, eh HEHeh. Knew that was gonna happen.

*tipes NUCLEAR*
SCP-B8_c: Wonder if this works... :D just NUCLEAR!
*Screeching noises*
SCP-B8_c: It's probably gonna be lik- :O
*what do you think it happened?*
*half a minute later...*
*Too many lolz to subtitle*
SCP-B8_c: HOW i did NOT know THAT was gonna happen!? Oh meh GHEE!

And, for the last one... Cuz i don't have much time left...

SCP-B8_c: Beer!
*orders 10 cups of beer*
SCP-B8_c: Perfect! *counts cups of beer...* TEHN, Alright. Didz gonna be interesting. Lets play a drinking game! I've got TEHN beers here, lets see how fast i can down then all :D
*picks up all of the cups*
SCP-B8_c: >:O ... GO!
*starts drinking*
SCP-B8_c: ...GO!
*heard you the first time*
*continues drinking*
SCP-B8_c: :O!!! One more! YEAH!!! oooooohhhhh i did IT!!
*feling very full... OF HAPPYNESS*
SCP-B8_c: *Sniper voice* NOT EVEN WASTUD! Look at tath, TEHN BEEHHS 'nd i'm FIEN!! I can DRIVE HOME! I can DRIVE ANYWHERE if wanted to... mhkay, left foot first.
*tries to walk*
*falls for a bit*
*tries again*
*manages to get the rythm*
SCP-B8_c: i DID IT!
Aaaand, that is it for today! The phrases can be found in the Escaping the SCP Facility video TheBatesee made. Go check him out, it is a great channel!
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_NBFe ... tJg22ECKWg

Whew, that took long...

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