List of SCP-087-B Mods

  • A list of all the SCP-087-B mods I can find.
If you find or made a mod and want me to add it, send a reply with a link to the mod.

  • The mod NEEDS a preview video or a thread. If it doesn't have one of these, I won't list it here.
    I'm tired of linking only downloads to mods.

    Also, if a download is down, please report that! Thank you.

DrUnK Mod
Heart Attack Mod
Mental.b3ds Funhouse!
Mine In Dark
Multiplayer Mod
Options Mod
SCP-087 Extended Edition
SCP-087-B Dot Hack Mod
SCP-087-P (Penumbra Mod)
Silent Hill - Other World
The Bloody Hallway
The last... Deadly day of School
The Report- Falcon Mansion
The Sixth Room
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