Re: List of SCP-087-B Mods

I updated the list and removed some mods, I also didn't add some mods and for good reason.
  • MLG SCP-087-B (A.K.A. Weed Maze) MOD
•We've already had some 'madness' SCP-087-B mods in the past, this one doesn't improve on anything.
  • Red & White (SCP-087-B Mod) (Update 2)
•I uh........ wtf is this even supposed to be?
  • SCP-087-B Markiplier Mod
•A bunch of pink mustaches and red Ms plastered everywhere doesn't make for a good mod. The SCP:CB Markiplier mod especially proved this.
  • SCP-087-B PP
•I died whenever starting the game up, when the game actually worked all the rooms were clipping and the game dropped me through the floor. After this, the game would crash on a black screen.
  • SCP-087-NES and The 5th Descent
•I haven't played either, however I would leave them on the list if it weren't for the fact they don't have a thread of a preview video. Due to this, any mod without a thread won't be added.
(Edit: If the mod has a preview video then that's an exception)
  • CL's remastered SCP-087-B
•I won't lie, I'm just too lazy to play this mod and the replies to the thread don't help.
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