SCP-087-B Extended Edition [Mod]

Huge Update: Version 4 Has Been Released!
##LATEST_VERSIONv4.0.3## ##DOWNLOAD ##INFOA critical bug which makes game unbeatable fixed.##

This mod expands SCP-087-B by giving it new content, such as new floors, events, monsters, and also introduces some new features. I'll also give you guys a changelog:
- New rooms;
- New acts;
- New textures;
- New ambients and other sounds;
- New monsters;
- Sprint;
- Launcher with options (thanks to juanjpro);
- New ending;
- Multiplayer;
- Some other cool stuff.
Game size comparison:
Original v0.2: 4.42 MB
EE v1.0: 9.12 MB
EE v2.1: 12.6 MB
EE v3.0: 25.4 MB
EE v4.0: 35.2 MB
You can find any videos about the mod on YouTube by just typing in search "SCP-087-B Extended Edition".
Here is one of them:

Auto-update is implemented in the launcher but for some reason it doesn't work since forum update, so you should download v4.0 and v4.0.3 exe file to play the newest version.

Link (v4.1): ... 1.rar/file
Link (v4.0.4): ... 4.rar/file
Exe file (v4.0.3) [You must have v4.0 installed!]: ... v4.0.3.exe
Exe file (v4.0.2) [You must have v4.0 installed!]: ... v4.0.2.exe
Exe file (v4.0.1) [You must have v4.0 installed!]: ... v4.0.1.exe
Link (v4.0): ... 20v4.0.rar

Old versions:
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Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition

So... from what i've seen, (in the GFX and SFX files) there are:

-28 New Rooms (including mapend.x and mapending.x which are for the ending, mapnothing.x, still unknown what it is for me, stairs.x and stairs2.x, also unknown what it is for me, but by the name it must be an type of staircase, act_maze.x, elevator.x, ending.x and ending2.x. The rest are new mapNUMBER.x)

-New Textures (3 to be exact, excluding the new SCP-087-B instances' textures)

-2 New SCP-087-B Instances (087-B-4, i call them the Lost/Cheshire Face:
And 087-B-5 the Eyekiller, this name came from the actual texture file name for this instance:
Currently, no in-game screenshot for this instance)

-Alot of new sounds were added (28 in the original version and 55 in the extended, thus, 55 minus the 28 original sounds equals to 27 new sounds :wink: )

-New Events and an extended Ending. Also the intro is better in my opinion. The ideia of removing the creepy ambiance from the beggining and adding it after the event on the Floor 6 was

Basically, this mod/expansion is 10/10 + 1 = 11/10! Should really get more attention!
Notify me if there is something else or if something is wrong.
This list is for V2. If an V3 comes out, i may update the list (if i remember this exists :D )
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Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition

I have an idea with the end :D
If once reached a certain floor is shown a cinematic with all the monsters united you corner while they say something relative to the end while a corpse of a class D guy who came to the end but they killed him... 8)
Idea of the Class D
GLaDOS: "Good-bye, my only friend."
Me: (gasp) :O
GLaDOS: "Oh, did you think I meant you?"
Me: ... :REDACTED: . T_T
... GLaDOS x SCP-079 :079_2:

Re: SCP-087-B Extended Edition

Nepheron wrote:I keep getting MAV as soon as I try to launch this game. Can anyone explain what could be causing it or at least say the requirements needed to get it set up correctly (maybe I'm missing something?) please
Have you tried just the base game? Also, list your PC specs, and try running the launcher in admin mode.
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