Post your final remarks of 2016 here

The new year is upon us! And this past year seemed to be crazy, has it now? But either way, let's get into our thoughts of 2016!

This year seemed to go rather slow, but it was the best year I ever had since I moved to my current town.

So anyway, what are your thoughts of your life and the events that occured in 2016?
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Re: Post your final remarks of 2016 here

Well, it's officially new years here over in Australia, just a little past 12, I want to say happy new years to everyone, tonight I spent the night with a close friend and his family, this close friend who has known me since birth who had lost their son, who I had known in a motorbike accident I am truly regretful that I couldn't spend more time with him, if you know anyone who has died this year or any year, not to bring the mood down but cheers to all of the lost ones, we will remember you forever in our memories no matter how hard the times may be, we are going to make you all proud.
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