Back by nobody's demand : me!

Hello again!

intense crowd booing

So I get back into SCP after a few years of not touching it. I then remember that I used to use this forum.

Oh lord.

You know I think I was about 10 when I joined the SCP wiki. 10. Its been quite some time since then. I've come to realize how damn stupid I really was. Looking at the video of SCP's 4th anniversary a while earlier today made me realize how long its been since I've really seen much of this game.

I'm amazed how far its come. I've started playing it again and all those memories came back. Y'know I still had all my old SCP """mods""" from those years back when I was obsessed with creepypasta and all this ridiculous cringey stuff, making terrible resource packs and calling myself a "modder". I had 47% of my computer's total space taken up by thousands, millions of files of SCP games of many variating versions and mods. When I deleted them all my PC became so much faster, that's now many I had. I'm so sorry for those stupid years of when I was a kid. I'm 15 now and realizing how goddamn dumb I really was, thinking people would believe i'm a mature 20 year old man, and thinking I was cool. I'm even more dissapointed at my edgy ass "leaving" post from a while back. I mean, really? I thought that was a good idea? Lord I wish I could erase my past posts on this forum (but I'm still happy with the fact that I contributed to making SCP-513)

I've gotten much more into the game now its improved and I no longer use an acer netbook with 2 frames per second. I miss this forum. Not miss it for how I acted, miss it for SCP and its mods. SCP had a huge impact on my younger days and I love it so much and I want to come back.

So yeah, ill try and come back now properly. Lets hope I don't make myself look like a total fuckin' tard again, yes? Lots of you probably don't want me back, but eh, I think its worth a try. I won't use this account, ill make a new one now and ill comment when its made on this thread.

Sorry if I'm posting something "personal" on the wrong area. Its been so long and I've forgotten a lot about this forum. I wonder if some people are still here to even know who I am or what I'm blabbing about?

Again, sorry for being such a twat before, now I've matured more I should hope I'm more streetwise and ready for this forum.

Hello again!