Looking for someone to host a TTT server

Hey, about a year ago me and my friends hosted "Trouble in Trauma Town", it was a TTT gamemode using BTE in the Class A Station. And, its like Gmod TTT, but it also incorporates the cool features the game + BTE has, and made a very fun experience while we played. Sadly though, we stopped talking to each other really and couldn't get a big enough starting group to rehost the server (as we could not have it dedicated due to there going to be rulebreakers). I think it is a very cool idea and had tons of fun in it. We also made a list of rules, so it could help with starting it up :

1. You CANNOT speak when dead, unconscious or when drowning!(being flushed out of the airlock, running out of oxygen, etc.)
2. You CANNOT hide in a room or take a shuttle and leave the station!
3. Do NOT shut down the power of the station (you can however turn off the lights inside the station) and you can only take 1 wire from either side of a door.
4. You CANNOT cut outer walls to make the ship flood.
5. If anybody but the captain, officer or enforcer has a gun or weapon in their hands/inventory, they can get shot!
6. You CANNOT RDM (kill people randomly)!
7. You (Traitor) must say the code word atleast once, try to respond with the code response. (Given to traitors at the beginning of the match)
8. You must kill your target before killing anyone else, after this you have to kill everyone (besides other traitors)
9. You (Traitor) have 8 minutes to kill someone before you are revealed. If you don't act within given time, Admins may use commands to spice the round up (Start floods, create explosions, etc.).
10. If you get injected with eggs, and the first screen pops up. you CANNOT tell anyone! however you can still speak. after the 2nd phase (husk bursting out your mouth), you may not talk anymore.
11. If you are a traitor and get killed, you must say that you are a traitor. If you die without anybody seeing you die, such as a neurotoxin, you CANNOT say you are a traitor until someone finds and searches (holds) your body. If you die from water pressure you have to say you died, even if nobody sees your body.
12. if you are Captain, Officer or Enforcer. You are not allowed to stay together with other security personel unless a murder is reported or roll call has been issued by the Captain. Casually walking past each other is still allowed.
13. Captain is only allowed to do 2 Roll calls during the entire round. If you fail to show up (and still alive) you will be suspected of being a traitor,murderer,suspect (situation based).