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Glitch wrote:Ah, I remember this post. I'd personally stick with parchment, since it seems like what ponies would use, and you can make the numbers anything really, as long as they align the correct side of the page.
Da, like make the page numbers 4, 20, 68 etc I'll see about that...
Glitch wrote:Propose away
Well I remember there being quite an argument about how you wanted more than a mere control panel reskin for Twilight, but everyone was going on about the logic of just sitting there in her containment chamber during a breach and it wouldn't add up. That, plus how could you instruct her to use a specific setting for her magic (i.e. Fine). So I had this stewing in my mind a little bit...

It's not quite Twilight Sparkle, BUT it's damn near close enough.
It's a machine and so it can be programmed to use one of the five settings.
Because it's a machine, it can be considered not sentient and explain why it wouldn't leave its containment chamber upon a site-wide breach.
It can use "magic" to "refine" items before you.
I think it might tick most, if not, all of the boxes people wanted. At least I hope it will...

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Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod

Princess Luna wrote:Does this mean you are back in Glitch?
I'm just giving suggestions for now.

Twilight be best robut.

@Cridone, needs moar rainbowz

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