Site-19 Minecraft Map

So I decided that I would make a map based of Site-19 and inspired by Containment Breach. This means It is the Foundation that I'm creating, but some there is some inspiration from CB. Once I get some progress going, you will see some SCPS from Containment, some confirmed to be at Site-19, and some I felt like should be at Site-19 (Unless it has a confirmed site/area that isn't Site-19. I may have a document explaining the transfer of certain SCPS, but I'd make it authentically correct).

However, this map isn't finished yet, but I would like some input before I continue with my work. I intend for this thread to stay open as I will upload more of this as times go on. I will also be taking suggestions and opinions, dont be shy, be harsh.

Required mods are given with the download below
Don't worry, I put a disclaimer giving credit to the mod makers

Resource/Texture Packs:
None required as of yet

More photos:
Latest Download w/ mods:

-Replaced the 4-Way Hallway room with the Server Farm
-Extended SCP-087 (Still not finished)
-Misc. Changes

-Added SCP-087 (Not yet complete)
-Added Guards (Custom NPCs)
-Added Gate for Entrance Zone, hallways, office
-Added Documents of SCP-087 and SCP-106
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Re: Site-19 Minecraft Map

SyphenTV wrote:What mods do we need? It does seem like there are Mods involved. Also, is there a Texture Pack needed?

You need to show us these things.
I have stated that the required mods will be provided with the download. However, it isn't really clear. This will be edited.
Also, no texture pack is required.
D-7650 wrote:Does this run on Tekkit?
It should, you may need to add some of these mods though as given in the download.

For those who already downloaded or is about to, tell me what you think, my main concern is the office that may or may not be out of place. Should it just be a regular hallway being so close to the gate, or is it OK?
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Re: Site-19 Minecraft Map

Hmm. Nice job. I was thinking of making something like this (though more identical to Containment Breach). I'm glad someone did though.

Nice work.

Edit: If you need any sort of designing help, be free to PM me. I got some ability at designing walls and rooms, and I got a few mods in mind that *may* help.