One Chance: Coming late 2017

One chance put's you in the role of an inmate, doing a lifetime sentence in prison. The story develops as you find yourself falling asleep in your bed, only to wake up hours later in the back of a van, with guards on both ends, as well as your hands tied... Your being brought to a facility. A small word for such a large place, where you'll be tested... Over and over as a lab rat against some of the most dangerous creatures kept away from reality. But one... One of them found their way into main control, and sent the whole facility into chaos as a massive outbreak occurs. You have one chance, and one chance only.

*Disclaimer, this is still debatable on being SCP based or not. Contemplating on going my own way with a made up facility, or basing the game off of SCP. In other words, nothing can prove that this will come to a release, I've been motivated with working on it since I started, and I have no intentions to stop.

Stay tuned for more updates, can't wait to show you guys what's in store. For those who are wondering, the game engine is Unreal Engine 4.

You can look into updates on my facebook page:

Re: One Chance: Coming late 2017

I am really happy to be seeing such a good response from this community. Seriously, it means a lot.

Because I'm so happy, there's two videos for you guys to see. I am asking with all my love that you don't judge anything for what it is right now. Everything is very WIP, and may look a bit weird. Anyways, here's a couple videos to keep you guys excited.

Walkthrough of Facility Exterior, No Textures (The ones in use right now do not look very good at certain places)

The first cutscene in the whole game, Just an idea, Interior to be completely remodeled. The basis is that you are being 'driven' to the facility.

Specifically the last video may seem a bit low quality. I threw it together as a placeholder while I work more heavily towards the actual interior levels of the game.

Lastly, it would mean A LOT if you guys could spread the word about this project around, as well as drop a like by my facebook page, some more in depth updates will go there.


Again, thank you guys very much for the positive feedback, it's very motivating for me to keep on with the project. After I get quite a bit done, I hope to expand the team into a few more 3D Modelers and possibly a Coder for the sake of quicker production and better Gameplay Mechanics. If anyone here is interested in taking a role, feel free to let me know in a PM and I'll talk to you personally in depth about the project itself.

Another quick role that anyone can participate in. I need screams, yells, anything. If you want a role in the game, one part in particular requires several voices to be yelling or screaming as if their life is about to end. This doesn't restrict to screaming, but also includes cussing and yelling. If you are willing to take this role then the best way to get in touch is through a PM on here, send me your audio clips and I'll highly consider putting you into the game one way or another. If you are taking this role, a mature voice sounding at least over 21 is required.

EDIT: Here's another WIP GIF. Stay tuned for more updates :)

Re: One Chance: Coming late 2017

Hello everybody! I am sorry for the lack of consistent updates. I have been away from my computer for the past four days (visiting family and friends) but have now returned to my computer to continue progress on this title. Many ideas over the few days have been going on in my head, and I can't wait to show what I have in store for you guys. Like always, stay tuned for more updates as they'll be coming more quickly now.