( [WIP] Bowchiew Submarine Shipyards - BTE Sub Creations

Welcome to Bowchiew Submarine Shipyards. Here I am gonna be posting the monstrosities I call submarines that I make for the Barotrauma Extended (BTE) mod. This will be for submarines I design and not replica's, such as the USS Cubera.

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BSS Hammerhead
BSS Hammerhead V - BTE - https://www.dropbox.com/s/9eq6qwcvubb15 ... E.sub?dl=0
The Hammerhead is the first ship designed by Bowchiew Submarine Shipyards. After the recent discovery of semi-automatic railgun firing, the engineers decided to implement the technology into four, four shot railguns, along with some other innovations. Capacitor powered propulsion, and a 270 degree reinforced glass bridge are the most notable examples. Features a proper crew quarters for Security and Crew, along with a Captain's quarters. Also features some ID Locks on the Engineering, Command, and Security sections. This feature may or may not be redacted in the future based on customer reviews.