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Internship & new Subsurface footage

A small update on what I’ve been up to lately in addition to SCP-CB v1.1:

The Computer Sciences degree I’m currently doing involves three 10-week internship periods and last week I started doing this years internship at a cool little game startup called FakeFish. They’re working on a game called Northbound, a really interesting story-driven RPG game based on the Finnish national epic Kalevala. Expect adventures in the northern wilderness, puzzles, tactical combat and exploring the Finnish folklore that ranges from comfy to horrifying and from odd to batshit insane.

Subsurface is also progressing nicely: it’s gradually starting feel more like an actual game and the multiplayer is now working well enough that I’ve managed to run a couple of online multiplayer sessions with a handful of players. Anyway, here’s a clip of what the game looks like at the moment:

As for when you’ll get to play it: I’m hoping on releasing the first public alpha version of Subsurface in one or two months from now.