Re: Where can i apply for private servers or servers with less griefing?

etet2 wrote:I'd recommend you play on BT public. they are the oldest server and they have the most robust admin system. They have linked up the game to their website, wich allows admins to check logs and ban people without even opening the game. also if there is no admin online you can always submit a report on their forums and they will be banned later
Now I have never played BT Public, but all I hear is positive. They are indeed a server that has stood the test of time and maintained a consistent playerbase, and casual inspection of their Discord or website shows the effort put in the server. I can't see why you shouldn't check it out OP, so I agree with etet2 here. It does have one glaring downside being etet2 resides there.

If you are looking for a BTE server I suggest checking out YF. Behind the name is a decent server with no adminging and has a report ticket system on the YF discord.

Just, for the love of God, don't go to NTNT or UnlovedNetworks. They're the worst servers around.
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